• We take whatever paper process you would like to convert and (combined with your input and requirements) we generate custom digital interfaces that reflect the same (or even more) data for any input platform.
  • Need to send data down to the users, no problem, we make things like work order distribution fast and effective
  • Based on your requirements, we customize a solution that will fit you even if we have to create one from scratch
  • All hardware involved (computers, printers, etc..) come preconfigured and ready to use out of the box.
  • Your users continue doing their jobs as they had before, simply entering all the data into the easy to use interfaces we created
  • The data is communicated back to our hosted servers and then becomes instantly available to you at intervals of your choosing (once a day, once an hour, continuously, etc..)
    Our solutions are simple and come in three general varieties
  1. Let Us Handle It! Don't want to think about it, just let us do all the work. Simply provide us with your forms and we will design the whole process, even configure and loan you state of the art equipment all for a low monthly software and equipment fee. Great for small to medium sized companies not willing or able to invest a large amount of cash flow into document tracking. A relatively inexpensive solution with a low monthly fee.
  2. Got Some Equipment? Even easier, simply send us your PDAs or tablets (the ones you want to use of course) and we will design the whole process and install them on your existing hardware and get it ready to use. We recognize that allot of companies have already tried to set up similar processes and may have the hardware laying around from previous attempts, why not utilize it! This is by far the cheapest solution since your company will provide most of the hardware
  3. Want It All? Not interested in monthly fees? We can design and configure an entire system for you from scratch including hardware (servers, PDAs, etc...) and software for one flat fee which would even include basic support. We send you everything to do with as you like and can even later make changes as your demands and requirements grow. This solution is popular with larger companies and requires a relatively large upfront cost with little to no follow up or monthly fees (except for support)
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